Psychosocial support through digital technologies for people living with cancer.

Your mind matters.

Living with cancer is rough. Managing stress with the right psychosocial support tools can make it easier to create emotional well-being.
CanSurround is the 24/7 digital solution you deserve to help you feel better in every phase of your cancer journey—during initial diagnosis, throughout treatment and/or beyond.

​Developed by oncology nurses and social workers, CanSurround is now an integral resource available to those seeking support from Cancer Care Connection. The digital platform incorporates proven, research-backed psychosocial tools and resources that can be easily accessed by phone, tablet, or computer. By using CanSurround, you can access mindfulness-focused content intended to reduce distress and enhance emotional well-being.

Interactive features include…

  • Checklists and trackers
  • Thought Inquiry
    (based on The Work of Byron Katie)
  • A multi-media journal
  • Mind-body relaxation exercises
  • Educational & inspirational resources
  • Social support

Hear what users have to say:

“This site has given me an infusion of encouragement when I least expect it, yet when I need it most.”

“The emotional piece of cancer is often neglected and CanSurround really fills that void, validates those feelings, and gives a place to sit and be with whatever you’re feeling.”

Get started with CanSurround!

To learn more about CanSurround and to gain full access to the digital platform, talk with one of Cancer Care Connection’s Oncology Social Workers. CALL 302-266-8050

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