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Face-to-Face Counseling Services

Handling a cancer diagnosis can be very stressful and demanding. While it is normal to experience distress, when it becomes long lasting or is getting in the way of daily living, face-to-face counseling may be helpful.  Even if your distress is not extreme, a few sessions of counseling can go a long way to help you feel less overwhelmed and more in control.    

Our licensed clinical social workers specialize in helping people cope with the challenges that often accompany a cancer diagnosis.  Counseling sessions provide you with the opportunity to discuss your concerns in a safe, non-judgmental setting. These sessions focus on ways to ease the emotional suffering you may experience during and after treatment.  For example, we:

  • Provide methods you can use to reduce your distress
  • Help you to draw upon your personal strengths to successfully navigate the challenges before you
  • Identify how you can effectively advocate for yourself
  • Share strategies to help you cope with the unknown
  • Explore together what your cancer experience means to you

We are available to meet with you face-to-face at cancer centers in Delaware and Chester County, Pennsylvania. To inquire about the availability of face-to-face counseling in your area, call 302-266-8050 or email us at info@can-connect.org.


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